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Progreso Birds

Good shot of a flamingo

As we drove along the roads near Progreso we saw a few

Interesting birds Some I knew of and some I have yet to


I think these are flamingos having their lunch

More flamingos

Her is a nice picture of flamingos

This is the land of pink flamingos and at times there are large flocks of them here in this part of Mexico. It seemed we had only a few for our enjoyment this time of year. There are other birds; pelicans, cormerants, ibis, and others I don’t know the names of, plus shore birds of various types.

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A visit to the beach

Having a chat

Boats up on the beach waiting for the fisherman

The beach at sunrise

The hotel we stayed at in Progresso

Not far from Merida is the town of Progreso and near this town are beaches one or more on each side of the town. We decided to visit the beach this weekend and enjoy the beach and the town. It isn’t a long drive from Merida where our house is located to Progeso, maybe forty-five minutes or so on a nice four lane highway with little or no traffic coming or going. The town of Progeso is small and still has fishing port atmosphere. There is a long pier that goes way out in the water for cruise ships to dock. The cruise ships come in about two or three times a week filled with tourists which livens things up a bit for the folks involved in the tourist trade. While we were there we didn’t see any cruise ships. We went to a local hangout for expats called Buddy’s we had lunch there, fish tacos. A lady who was there told us about another place that that evening was going to have live music that night and a happy hour.

We took a little driving tour along the beach road going out of town, we drove for 28 kilometers and turned around and came back to Progreso and Buddy’s where we had dinner.

We decided to stay over night and got a hotel room at the Casa Izadora, we got one of the big rooms with its own patio, AC, and TV nice beds. We went shopping at the local super market where we got some pet food for our dogs and a few snack items for us and just looked around to see what they had for sale. I got a garden hose that I was looking for to wash the big dog.
Later that evening we went to the other hotel to listen to music and meet a few people. We got to meet some folks we had talked to on line and got to share lost in Merida stories. The music was oldies I guess they knew we were coming there that night. We got to try some of the snack items they put out for happy hour, but to soon we were tired and left the party vowing to come back again the next day for breakfast.
Sunday morning we got up got dressed and took the dogs for a walk on the beach, early in the morning on the beach was nice the sand was nice by the water line firm enough to make easy walking and soft enough for a pleasant walk. The big dog loved walking into the water and chasing the little shore birds she had a wonderful time our little shit-zu wasn’t thrilled with the waves and stayed out of the water.
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