This is where we had breakfast at the mercado (market). We had scrambled eggs, black beans, rice, tortellas, fresh orange juice for two for about $9.00 couldn’t finnish it all.

In the Yucatan it is common for folks to use hammocks, so we bought two of them at the central market so far the vote is out about comfort, but they are cool and in the summer that is a plus.

We had to buy our own gas tanks for the house and then the gas man cam to trade them out for full tanks. In other cities the truck goes around with a loud speaker calling GAZ, GAZ

We got our internet, telephone and cable TV today so far everything works fine.

We have been looking for a deal on used furniture and appliaces and haven’t found what we want yet. We will keep looking and eventually find all the things we need.

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4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Now I went and signed up as a Follower here way, way back and, as I understand it, that is supposed to notify me when new posts arrive. Nothing ever came to me, and I have not looked here in ages.Imagine my surprise to see you´re moving to Merida. My first reaction is: Do you love nonstop sweating? Boy, I sure would have recommended a higher altitude, but different strokes, etc.Congrats.By the way, get another hammock, one that has the wooden bar at each end. They are far, far more comfortable.

  2. Giggle, right now the weather is wonderful here about 78 degrees and the birds don't have to learn to ice skate on the bird bath :)The locals tell me that the hammocks with the bar are too unstable and the ones made here are the best who knows for sure?Life is a ball when it is an adventure :))JULIA

  3. It takes awhile to figure out how to sleep in a hammock comfortably. The ones that they sell tourists usually are not suitable for anything except decoration. You sleep in them on the diagonal so that your weight is supported by different strings rather than the longways like you would in a cloth hammock. regards,Theresa

  4. How right you are I have now figured out how to sleep in the hammock comfortabley and I realy enjoy it. One does have to get one of adequate size and being an extra large person I got the family size and it works great.

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