We may have found a house

Looking up at the house

Me waving

front of the house in the dark

The restaurabt we had dinner at

This morning as we were getting ready to take the dogs on their morning walk the phone rang and a man on the other end asked me if I was Julia Arnold the one interest in his 2 bedroom house ? Of course I was 🙂 It turns out he speeksperfect english and has a two bedroom house for rent with ample parking and a small but nice yard that is inclosed for the dogs. We talked about all sorts of things; it needs a stove and fridge and furniture of course but has fans and is cable ready and he will show us were to get furniture and appliances for less.
We meet this evening to sign the contract and make the payments. More to follow.
We did meet with the owner and when the lawyer arrived, a fashionable half hour late we signed the papers and handed over our money. We were shown which keys unlock which doors and door guards, what light switches work what and so forth. It sure has been a long day. We stopped at a local restaurant and had dinner at 7pm the place was almost empty by 8pm it was starting to fill up and we were ready to go back to the hotel room. The only problem was it was dark and we didn’t remember all the turns back to the land marks we were used to, so we had to fumble around until we did find the right way. When we got back to the hotel there was a bit of manuvering to get the car parked now I have a cracked rear bumper … oh well.
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