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Monday’s adventures

So today we decided to visit a real estate agent first thing in the morning it
was only 12 blocks away, right? So off we go seems that the map we have
of Merida is not the best map to use as some streets are not depicted as
they actually are in real life. We made it to the office just one block of the
Avednida Montajo with only a little bit of sweat. After discussions with
the agents there we made we decided to let them try and contact some
owners for us and see if we could see some houses tuesday.

Later in the afternoon we tried to find Walmart using an on line map.
Once again we were foild by a map. We just couldn’t find it. We returned
to the hotel and got a taxi to take us to Walmart. No problem we went
right back there where we were driving around and there it was just where
it was supposed to be. Still we couldn’t find the parking lot until we followed
shoppers going down under the store and there was the parking lot, we had
driven past it not knowing it was there. Another adventure in Mexico.

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