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Hotel Doloras Alba

Enjoying a litle refreshment in a nook at the hotel


Under the arches

Reception foyer of the hotel

The front door
Nice hotel in the center of the city, best part is the dogs and
cat are with us in the room.

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Arrived Merida Yucatan

Boats in del Carmen where we had lunch

View on the way to Merida

Palapa on the shore going to Merida

On the patio at the hotel

It was a long, long drive to Merida. The first city we stopped in was Tampico where we stayed at the Best Western had a nice dinner and nice breakfast. We then went to Veracruz where things went awray. We got there late and the GPS wasn’t reading correctly, but we didn’t know it at the time. we kept getting led around and around into the nightime traffic. We tried a few hotels on the beach but none would allow pets in the rooms. We, in desperation, rented a room in one of those hotels for lovers who needed privacy. The room came with a garage and they didn’t care if we had dogs or a horse for that matter and the price was right 300 pesos. We had pizza delivered and went to bed looking up at a mirrored ceiling. Neither Samantha nor I were amused.
The the following day we went to the city of Villahermosa. We got there early and past a few hotels, thinking there were more on the other side of the city we proceeded on through town. There were no other hotels and we didn’t want to try and return through town during rush hour traffic so we contiued on to del Carmen. That made for a very long day. We got to del Carmen after dark and found the Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn doesn’t allow dogs in the room either so they stayed outside in the van all night. The next day we drove first to Compeche where we had lunch on the malecon (beach front walk) some nice shrimp and rice.
By that afternoon we had made it to Merida and to the Hotel Dolores Alba. It is a nice hotel with off street parking, laundry, and breakfast in the morning. We spent Sunday resting, shopping for food and laundry. Monday we plan to search for a place to rent.
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