Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

Making Plans

My goodness there is a lot to do in moving to Mexico. We have to get the car/van ready to travel and we also have to get our RV sold, decide what to take with us and what to leave
here, for now. Also who will keep an eye on the place? Seems like we have a lot to do.

We hauled our RV to Houston Tuesday and turned it over to a consignment lot for them to sell. It was a long haul and we just got there about forty-five minutes before closing. Fortunately the procedure went smoothly and we turned over the RV and went to dinner. Then there was the long haul back to Wills Point, we got home about 1 am. We were both very tired the next day, so we got little done towards our moving to Mexico, also our Internet was slow and that caused some concern. Tomorrow we hope to find the Mexican consulate and get the requirements for a visa to live in Mexico and if we can get the procedure moving on that issue.
We also have to get a copy of the title of our vehicle to take with us so we can get an importation sticker at the border, one has to have documentation for everything and everyone. Later we will have to get health certificates for the pets.

We’ll be adding to this entry as we go on.

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