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Merida Yucatan Mexico

We are planning on moving to Merida an old city in the state of Yucatan Mexico. We are looking into renting a house there for six months to see if we like it and if we do this may be our new home.
Why Merida in the Yucatan? Why Mexico?
There are many reasons for our choosing Mexico one is we like Mexico because it is Mexican, we like their culture and find Mexico’s history fascinating. Why Merida in the Yucatan? Even more exotic and interesting the cost of living is reasonable the possibilities of travel are many, flying in and out is easy and there is a lot to see and do there.
We have contacted a couple of real estate agents and waiting for their reply and have joined Yolisto a message board for the area to gather more information about Merida and the surrounding area. It is exciting to making plans again to travel to Mexico and more adventures.
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