Daily Archives: November 28, 2008

The last day

One morning there were hot air ballons over the city

It is rare to see any aircraft over the city do hot air
balloons count as aircraft?

One of the many passageways in hotel

The door to my room

As with everything there is the end. Today was the last day of class for level two and it was Thanks Giving Day too. We had a productive class and got another lecture on the remaining seven tenses of Spanish, it seems that the most difficult part is the one we just completed the next course has fewer exceptions and follows a logical pattern that is much easier to learn and remember.

I almost wish I could start the next level right away, but that is not possible I have to return to Texas to take care of our pets while Samantha goes back to her ship. I will have lots to keep me busy until I do get to take the next level. I have books to read, a workbook to complete, Cd’s to listen to, and of course many more verbs to learn and other words and idioms. Happy me I have something to learn 🙂

I just got a surpise … the staff here gave me a momento of my visit and they said how they liked having me here and respected me. Wow that was nice …very nice never had that happen before ….ever !

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