Another week glides by

The church in the center of town lit at night

The little park across from the church is always busy even
late at nite and during the weekends it is bustling with activity

The sitting area at school

The refreshment area at school

Friends dining out, meeting others at shool was a
lot of fun.
I am deep into the Spanish course now, some parts I find easier than others. I can see where I am gaining some knowledge about the language and also where
I need to improve. I have hired a tutor to help me with the parts I need improvement on. Belive me when it is one on one you learn a lot and a lot faster

It has become cold here and there is no heat in my hotel room or in the classroom and us old folks feel it. This cold weather is a surprise for this time of year. Usually the weather is mild with warm days and cool nights not one cold front after another.

I have gone to two movies while I have been here. One was a view of Mexican history as Mexicans see it, it is a bit poetic. One begins to understand the Mexicans better by understanding how they see their history. Us gringos don’t come out looking so good, neither do a lot of Mexicans. The other movie was on the artist Frida Kahlo, a photo biography she had an unusual life quite extraordinary and her contemporaries where well known figures in art and politics of the era. Both movies were well done.

So besides daily classes and homework every day I have gotten out for some amusement.

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