My thoughts on San Miguel Allende

Here I am at the back door to Casitia de las flores on my way to explore San Miguel.

Here are a few of my thoughts about San Miguel. My reason for coming is two fold; one this is an important historical place in Mexico and gives some life to Mexican history anyone interested Mexico should visit, two I am looking for a place to live in Mexico and after reading about SMA I thought maybe it was for me too.

First off, when reading about SMA I got the impression that it was a small town that was growing, it isn’t, it is a small city that is growing with the central portions protected from development to preserve the historical places and protect the traditions of the Mexican people.

Within this city is a modern society that has all the noise, problems and motor traffic that comes with it, then add in thousands of tourists and expats from all over the world and you have a crowded, expensive. urban setting. There is a lot to do here and some of it is inexpensive, finding it takes a bit of persistence and I am sure with time one would be aware of where to look for those inexpensive events.

The number of English speaking people from north of the border has a major effect here in SMA. English speaking assistance is available and makes it easier for the non Spanish speaking tourist in tourist areas of the city.

My first impressions of the expat community are not favorable, to me they seem cold, unhappy, and closed off to all but their own, if the don’t know you they won’t acknowledge you. They remind me of the same kind of folks I have met in other places like Martha’s Vineyard, all of Cape Cod, and various destinations in Sonoma California, etc. to much money not enough manners or sense.

Of course my opinion is based on only a few first impressions and you have to consider my working class background. For what it is worth I wouldn’t live here. I am sure there are lots of lovely expats who live here and are a credit to themselves and their adopted city, just that the snobs and ill mannered expats stand out more, they also get my dander up.

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