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Problems Caused By IKE

We were all set to fly out of Houston on Friday when Hurricane Ike decided that Houston and parts north were his target. We followed the news and weather reports with great interest and thought we had it figured out that by the time Ike appeared in our area the winds would be greatly diminished. We were wrong. We got hit by category one hurricane winds and rain and accept for sheer dumb luck missed being thumped by falling trees.

The whole area from Galveston/ Beaumont all the way up to Nacodoches Texas was effected by the hurricane winds. The whole area was without power during the storm and after and wireless communications was also out. Just before the storm hit we were informed by the airlines our flight was canceled and we forwarded that information on to the B&B we were staying at and even though they got the message in time to rent the room they say they didn’t and charged us for the room. I get a little uptight about money and don’t forgive losses easily. Unless the Casita de las flores is something very special it will be the last time we do business with them.

We have our tickets and we will be on our way to San Miguel Allende, hopefully we will have a fun trip.

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