Trip Plans Coming together

The above photos are from Casita de las flores where I am staying in San Miguel Mexico

This is what I have accomplished so far; I have the plane reservations made and paid for we will be leaving Houston on Continental at about 1230hrs arriving Leon airport about two and half hours later where we will be picked up by a van and driven from Leon to San Miguel which should take about an hour and a half. I have arranged for someone to pet sit my animals while I am on the trip. We will be staying at the Casita de Las Flores, hopefully this will be a good experience.

The biggest surprise is the cost of airfare. The cost to fly to Mexico has risen steeply in my opinion and I grumbled about the price. If I visit again I might try taking the bus from Nuevo Laredo across the border from Laredo Texas. The bus leaves in the evening and arrives in the morning in Guanajato Mexico where one changes buses to San Miguel. Sounds like an adventure to me. Although riding all night through Mexico sounds exhausting, but people do it all the time and survive.

My plan is to travel light, I’ll see how that works out. I always take to much of the wrong stuff. My concern now is taking comfortable shoes, most of the streets in San Miguel are cobblestone and the sidewalks are uneven and narrow, sometimes the walk way is obstructed and the curbs are high and difficult to manage for an old lady like me. San Miguel has been nicknamed the City of Fallen Women, so many women have taken such hard falls there because they were so distracted by the views they tumbled off the steps, sidewalks, or cobblestones and hurt themselves. I hope I don’t do that, I bruise to easy and being large would most likely hurt something badly.

I am toying with the idea of buying a new camera for the trip just haven’t committed to the idea with money…. yet. From the photos I have seen by others this is a beautiful town with lots of photo opportunities. We will be there for a national holiday so there will be more photo opportunities with the fiestas and parades going on to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. I hear it is a noisy and joyful occasion.

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